Welcome to

Chapel on the Hill

At Chapel on the Hill, we want you to feel right at home the moment you set foot on the property.  Our facility has multiple entrances, but it is our goal to help you navigate through the building as smoothly as possible.  

You can expect to be warmly greeted by one of our hospitality team members.  They'll likely offer a handshake and a friendly smile.  They'll be able to help answer questions that you may have and will be available to show you around the campus, if you'd like.  

Location?  We have two services that meet at two different locations on our campus.  

Attire?  Prefer jeans? That's fine.  Like dressing up? That's cool, too.

We don't emphasize those kind of things.  

What about kids?  You will find safe, fun, and educational ministries for your children.

How about everyone else?  We are a multi-generational church.  In any given service, it's very likely that we have multiple generations represented in attendance.